Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mumbai (Half) Marathon 2013

It all began 4 years back when I saw my guide running Delhi half marathon, I don't remember participating in distance running event till then. That inspired me to take up this endurance sports. I participated in multiple 5K and 10K events after that but this was my first marathon level event.

Preparation began almost 6 months back. Although couldn't stick to the "time-table", still managed to string together few 10K+ runs with few 5-7K runs every week. My prep took a major hit when just 3 weeks before felt discomfort in right ankle during a practice run. It took x-ray and bone scan to eliminate chances of any fracture which could have vanished my chances from the race. Just had a 5K test run a week before marathon to see if i can still pull off, things were better but could still could feel the pain, so kept the decision on hold till the last minute.

Race started in the wee hours (5:40 am) of chilly Mumbai winter. I avoided jumping the start line in hurry to avoid mistake I did almost everytime and gave my self time to slowly get into running mode. Holding back myself for 4-5 mins at start line helped me in next two and half hours. Running on Worli-Bandra Sealink was over whelming. after laborious first 2K got into nice rhythm, kept speed low on purpose as this was my first attempt I want to be as conservative as possible. Landmarks kept coming don't have much memory of those, every milestone gave more satisfaction and motivation. Didn't slow down till 19K where my rhythm was broken due to loud music and people standing on road narrowing the track. At the finish line my clock read 2:44 giving me great satisfaction because I did well to reach my goal of 3:00 and not too far from stretch goal of 2:30. if not for last 2K I could have cut down on my timings by good 7-8mins

This run was more satisfactory because i could address the issues i faced in last race
  • Food: Had 2 packs of parle G (glucose biscuits) on previous day and just fruits for dinner with apple, grapes, pineapple and muskmelon. With previous bad experience banana, I gave it a skip.
  • Shoe: Nike Run+ 3.0 worked like charm for me
  • Music: Prepared a playlist to suit my running, that helped to get into rhythm.
  • Food during race: Made sure i carried a sipper with Gatorade pouches, had close to 1.5-1.7 Liters of water. Few parle G (glucose biscuits), half energy bar and few chocolates on the way.
Race was followed by Misal Pav (spicy Maharashtrian cuisine) at Vinay and a well deserved chicken feast (also some shopping :D). I hope this is just "a" half marathon and not "the" half marathon.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just another month of Dec ...

December has been Really stressed out with frequent traveling and long hours at work (and yes, shopping!), but don't see any respite in coming few days atleast. Recently started biking to office after a break of couple of months, It's great to be back on saddle. Working on improving running mileage for last few weeks. Able to put on some decent runs in last couple of weeks. There is slight discomfort at right foot after runs, hope nothing too serious with big day not too far. Running with good music helps to build rhythm and distract myself from fatigue, trying to compile a good running playlist. My reading wishlist is growing as always (both books and research papers/thesis), running out of bookmarks to keep track of half read books. Given the big foodie I m, haven't tried new hangouts of late.

2012 has been the year of change. There were lots and lots of changes on personal as well as professional front. When it comes to changes I'm not the best person adapt quickly but i guess i did ok! First half of 2013 is going to be equally stressful. I need to relax in coming year without thinking too much ahead of time and take things as they come. Cruise control mode isn't bad in a long journey, switching off emotionally helps too.

Friday, October 5, 2012

After a while...

Its been a long since I posted. This blog seems like a lost corner of the house, but still a warm and loving space. Looks like I am off from target as far as blog is concerned, rest all is in order. Life has taken complete 180 deg (and not 360 deg) turn since I last posted.

Enjoying work, it's challenging. Have been on and off with running. Did couple of good 10K+ runs in last couple of months, with few 5-6K runs during weekdays. Still not working on speed though. With so much of literature available online it becomes difficult make a do's and don'ts list for a non-professional like me. Got pair of Nike Free Run+ 3.0 and it's just awesome, highly recommended. Haven't put down long distances on bike except for couple of exception, but fairly regular with 15K daily commute. Bike needs some fixes hoping to do over coming weekends. Mean while few good Mumbai and Pune trips, almost no clicks in same duration, that's disappointing even by my standards. Happy to make some new connection and rejuvenate some lost connections, sad to lose few. Into couple of books and couple of series. Watched hell lot of bad movies, I can really do with good recommendations and reviews. 

What got me here is, Internet black out for last five days at home And two drunk friends, who are involved in lame talks sitting next to me. This is best I can do with portable device without hurting my fingers.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ran 10K race. Couldn't match the practice time. Run wasn't smooth as I had expected. Didn't carry water and got dehydrated in first couple of Kms itself. It was inspiration to watch a ~70yr old man running far better than me, who finished just behind me. Have to get few things right before next race 

- Diet on race day (had 3 bananas felt heavy during race)
- Proper footwear (tried close to bare foot didn't go well)
- Good music collection (not assembled just 1hr before race)
- Water intake during race (carry water or decide pattern)

Next Aim is HM.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Morning runs are awesome

Have been doing short morning runs and it's awesome. Not an early morning person, beating my laziness makes it even better. I am trying to train myself to run about 1 hour without too much of effort, I am holding pretty good so far. Able to clock 9Km in just over 1 hour, short term goal is to make it 10K in 1 hour. 

Though I have participated in few runs around, my most of the training has been on the treadmills. Its a difference experience to run on a real terrain and mechanical belt. I have to say that running on roads is far more fun experience than in closed, controlled environment. Running on roads is fun because there are a lot of things happening around which take your mind away from running helps extending your endurance. Also morning running forces me to correct my last meal of the day. Hope to keep my stint going.

Away from Biking (cycling) for some time now. Need get my bike serviced before I could be regular. Not a single click in 5 months now. Life is on without much navigation.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Time To Call It A Day!

I am not a big fan of quotes, but came across a nice quote other night, "We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it. - John Steinbeck". After pondering for couple of minutes, I found my self in parallel. It's funny how we run after a thing all the time but only when we get it we look for a change. I still believe change is a good thing, you always learn something new. Sometime things dont go the way we want them to be but that's then we get the experience, and experience is a handy tool for the journey.

It's gonna be my last day at work, with bagful of joyful and not so joyful memories. Made some good personal connection which i will cherish through out my future endeavors.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Six and half hours journey on saddle

It started as usual Saturday morning ride, no planning what so ever. This was my just 2nd long ride since November, this goes to show my lesser activity on bike in last few months.

Had planned a 50-60 Km ride, started late at 8 Am. Decided to go to Hoskote and then take bypass road towards Devanahalli till about 30 Km one way. Bypass road turned out so good that ended up reaching Devanahalli. CycloComp was showing ~50 Km, and clock was ticking at 11:30 Am. Takeoff of Fly Emirates flight confirmed crossing BIA. No food and very little water which was over by now. Had Dosa and got water refilled at Devanahalli.

Took Hyd-Blr highway for return journey, that proved to be the most difficult riding stretch. Many uphills, extreme heat (still suffering sunburns), muscle cramps were breaking rhythm. Decided to take 1Km at a time, and stay on saddle unless impossible. Last 5Km were just awesome looking back at the difficult times during ride. Parking bike in garage gave epic satisfaction, CycloComp was reading just below 100 Km.

Had an apple and water on reaching home. After relaxing for an hour went for the movie 'The Women in Black'. Grabbed dinner at Subway (had a (chick-ham+tuna) sub just at the cost of a sub of the day :D ) on my way back.

Lessens learned,
1. Carry ample water and food.
2. Sunscreen is must.
3. Highways are boring
4. Start early, avoid 12-2pm
5. After awesome rides, high metabolism may keep you awake during boring movies.